Why do you like working in the real estate industry?
My favorite part of being a Realtor is working with clients and helping to counsel them during the Buying/Selling process.
I like being there to hold their hand if they need it; cry with them when they are selling the home they raised all their children in and now need to downsize or move to a patio home; watch them sign the papers on their very first home and seeing the excitement in their eyes when it finally hits them that IT IS THEIR home; helping them buy or sell after a divorce or death and being there to help them as they transition into their "new" normal.
My FAVORITE part of being a Realtor is the PEOPLE. Most of my clients end up becoming my friends, and about 95% of my business is through past clients or referrals from family, friends, or past clients.

In what year did you become affiliated with Semonin Realtors®?

Why do you choose to affiliate your business with Semonin?
I originally started with Semonin as soon as I was licensed in 1994. Then left for 2 years (BIG MISTAKE) before coming back, and I have been with Semonin ever since.
I will never go to another company again. Semonin is my Family.

What sets you apart from other REALTORS®? What are your greatest strengths as a real estate agent?
I have been a Realtor for over 26 years. My Mom first started as a Realtor when I was 8 years old, so I\'ve pretty much grown up in Real Estate.
I have a BA in Psychology and I LOVE working with people. My favorite part is working with and counseling Buyers and Sellers through the process.
About 95% of my Real Estate Business is from Past Clients, Family, Friends, or Referrals, because I truly do my best to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for all of my clients.

What do you do to stay up-to-date/knowledgeable about the real estate industry?
Semonin offers Training Classes on a regular basis. I try to attend as many of those as possible. I read the Realtor magazine every month. I watch videos that Semonin offers. I try my best to learn as much as possible in order to provide the best service to all of my clients.

What did you do before you began working in real estate? Has anything you learned on that/those jobs helped you with your real estate business? If so, what/how?
I started babysitting when I was 12 years old.
As soon as I was old enough to get a "real" job, I started working at Wendy\'s and continued working there until I left for college 2 years later. I then worked at Wendy\'s again the following Summer, as well as my last 3 years of college.
I worked for 2 different Branches of the Jefferson County Clerk\'s Office during the Summers between Sophomore/Junior year and Junior/Senior year.
I also worked at a Residence Home for Teenagers my Senior Year of College.
After Graduation I spent a year working for a Temp Company as an Administrative Assistant until getting my License in 1994. I then worked Full-Time in Real Estate until 1996 when I was hired as a Long Term Temp at the Louisville Water Company and then transitioned into a Full-Time employee of LWC in the Customer Service Department until 1999 when my first son was born. I was still working Part-Time in Real Estate during those years. After he was born I transitioned back into Full-Time in Real Estate and I\'ve been doing it ever since.
All of my previous work experience has been in some sort of Customer Service field, so I have worked in direct contact with people pretty much my whole life. I have seen them at their best, worst, and everything in between. I\'ve learned the best ways to work with people in all different situations and how to be a calming, comforting, and knowledgeable person for them to count on.

Are you involved in any trade/civic or community organizations? If yes, please explain.
I have been very involved in all 3 schools my kids have attended/are attending, serving as PTA/PTSA Board Member and Vice President at all 3 schools since 2004, as well as President of the Elementary School for 3 years.

Tell us about your immediate family. Who are they? Do you enjoy spending time together? If so, what do you do together?
Unfortunately I lost my Mom in 2017, my Dad in 2018, and my Brother in 2020.

Luckily, I have an Amazing Husband of 24 years and 3 Beautiful Children. Our oldest son is a Music Ed Major at WKU. Son #2 is at UK for Economics and plans to go into Law School. Our Daughter is in 8th Grade.
We spend most of our Summer Weekends at Nolin Lake where we have a House, Pontoon, and Waverunner. We also have lots of friends that are down there on the weekends so we enjoy spending time with them on the water.
We also like going to and watching movies together and playing games as a family.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Why do you enjoy this?
Ever since I was very young, one of my favorite things to do is to write. I don\'t do it nearly as often anymore, but over the years I\'ve kept a blog, written poems, testimonials, pretty much anything and everything, except Fiction. ;)
I enjoy it because it\'s always more like a Journal and it helps me to figure things out in my head; it helps me express things that have been bothering me or have been on my mind; it\'s kind of like an "escape" for me, and it definitely helps me to de-stress.

Finish this sentence: Most people don't know this about me, but I ...
I'm actually an Introvert. Because I can talk to people and try to be as friendly as possible, most people think I'm an Extrovert.
But the people who REALLY know me, know that I am anything BUT an Extrovert.

Most people think being an Extrovert or Introvert is related to how you "act" in public and around people. But it has A LOT more to do with what\'s going on inside your head and your level of anxiety when being around others as well as your anxiety AFTER being around others and your concerns about whether or not you did or said the "right" things.

What is your favorite book / type of book? Why?
My Favorite Book/Story is "The Velveteen Rabbit". I first read it as a young kid and the story really became special and important to me.

My favorite *types* of books are Murder Mysteries and True Crime.
I also like Self-Help books and ones that are Real Estate related.

What is your favorite movie / type of movie? Why?
My ALL TIME Favorite Movie is "The Sound of Music."

I think it\'s because it reminds me of my childhood. I remember laying on the floor to watch it every Thanksgiving at my Aunt and Uncle\'s and singing all the songs and wanting to be a Von Trapp. :)

What is your favorite song / type of music? Why?
I don't really have ONE favorite song. I have a few that are special and important to me for different reasons, and I tend to listen to those at least once or twice a day because they cheer me up, inspire me, motivate me, and/or encourage me.

My favorite types of music are Country, Musicals, Church Songs, and Inspirational Songs.

If you could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you most like to change in the world? Why?
I wish people were less judgmental and more accepting of other people.

There is a song from "South Pacific" called "Carefully Taught" which basically says that children aren\'t born to hate. They are "taught" that hate by their family and friends.......

"You have to be taught to hate and fear.
You have to be taught from year to year.
It has to be drummed in your dear little ear,
You have to be carefully taught....
You have to be taught before it\'s too late,
Before you are 6 or 7 or 8,
To hate all the people your relatives hate,
You have to be carefully taught."

I have always tried to be non-judgmental towards other people. And more importantly, I\'ve tried very hard to instill that same level of "acceptance" in my kids.
This world would be a much better and safer place if we all tried to be even just a little kinder, a little less judgmental, and little more accepting.

What are two or three items on your Bucket List? Why do you want to do them?
~ I've wanted to visit Australia since I was like 8 years old. I\'m not really sure why, I think we must have studied it at some point and I have found it fascinating since then. I would LOVE to be able to visit there one day.
~ I would love to take a "Girls Trip" to New York City. I have been 3 different times, once with my husband, once with my son\'s HS Band, and once with all 5 of us on a Summer Vacation. I would like to go there on a Girls Trip because all 3 trips have been lots of fun, but they have also been very different, depending on who I was with at the time. I think going with a few of my closest friends would definitely be fun, but it would also give us quality time together away from our families as well as the the opportunity to see and do new things, and to experience it TOGETHER.
~ I've often said if I could have one Super Power I wish I could sing. Someone once told me that's not a Super Power. To which I responded, It IS If You Can't SING!! I LOVE Music. All types of music as you can probably tell from my answer to the Music question. But I also like to sing. I'm just REALLY BAD at it. I mean, REALLY BAD. So I only sing by myself in the car when no one can hear me. But I would like to be able to sing anywhere and everywhere I go because Music lifts my spirits. ALWAYS.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be? Why?
My Dad.
My Dad and I were always very close and even as an adult I always enjoyed spending time with him. But I also realized after he passed away that I took for granted the time I had with him.
I would LOVE to be able to have dinner and beers with him at his favorite Sports Bar. I would thank him for all the things he ever taught me, tell him how grateful I am for all the sacrifices he made for me, share with him how BLESSED I\'ve always felt to be his daughter, and most importantly make sure he knows how much I always have, and always will, love him.

What is your favorite word / a word you like? Why?
Butterfly. Because it reminds me of my Grandma. They were her favorite thing, so now they\'re mine too. Every time I see one, I immediately think of her.

What is your least favorite word / a word you don't like? Why?
It's such a negative word and is usually used in a very negative and hurtful way.

Do you have a motto/words to live by? If yes, what? (If you're having a hard time with this one, think of a response that relates to your work.)
Be The Change You Want To See

~ Ghandi

To me it means, if you want to change things around you for the better, then you need to be the first one to start. Don't expect other people to change and be or do their best, if you're not willing and able to do the same thing yourself.

Do you have a favorite quote? If yes, what is it?  (If you're having a hard time with this one, think of a response that relates to your work.)
When I was a Junior in High School, I heard this quote on a TV Show and it has stuck with me ever since. It was my Senior Yearbook quote and it\'s still my favorite even to this day.

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal.
It Is A One And Only Performance.
So You Live Life, Like You're Gonna Live,
Not Like You're Gonna Die.

To me it means live your life to the fullest. Be the best YOU, you can be. You\'re only given ONE life, so make the best of it and don't take it for granted.

What have we failed to ask you that you would like to share with people who view the About Me section of your website? Here's your chance to share something distinctive about yourself!
Our family lived in Shanghai, China from 8/5/09-7/31/10 for my husband\'s job. J was in 5th grade and A was in 2nd and they went to an Ex-Pat school about 1 1/2 miles from our apartment. S turned 2 about 2 weeks after we landed.

We lived in Shanghai and visited Beijing, Xi\'an, and Hong Kong in the year we lived there. I had to learn how to go to the grocery and figure out what I was buying since I don\'t speak/read Mandarin, take a taxi if the place I wanted to go to wasn\'t within walking distance, communicate with people, (who didn\'t speak English), whenever we were out and about, make new friends and do new things in a country I had never even THOUGHT about visiting before, and be away from my family and friends, MY LIFELINE, for a whole year.
It was one of the HARDEST, and yet most rewarding, years of my life.
People used to tell me before we left, "I could never do that." To which I always responded, "You never know what you CAN do until you HAVE to do it."

It made me stronger, both mentally and emotionally, pushed me out of my comfort zone in a MAJOR way, and taught me that I can do things I never thought I could.

But it also helped me to appreciate how hard it is for my clients, especially the ones moving in or out of town, to leave everyone and everything they\'ve ever known. I think it helped me become more empathetic to their feelings.

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